Monday, October 30, 2006

Midnight Monday: Taffy

For this week's Midnight Monday, I'd like to introduce you to Taffy. Taffy lives with some of Jasmine's relatives.

In the first picture, Taffy is explaining to his beans that this is his chair. Taffy thought this should, of course, be obvious because (i) the poodin of the house always has first choice of napping/sitting locations; and (ii) Taffy put his little mousies underneath the chair indicating that he plans to hang out there for a while.

Taffy's main bean had ideas about sitting in the chair himself, but Taffy quickly explained that this wasn't going to happen.

In the second picture, Taffy is dancing and showing off his grace and agility (common traits of the house panther).

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Midnight Monday: Jade and Ajax

For Midnight Monday, I thought I'd introduce you to two lovely black kitties. Their names are Jade and Ajax (they are sisfur and brofur), and they live with friends of Jasmine's. Jasmine met Jade and Ajax when they were tiny little kittens. They had endless energy and would bounce and play for hours and hours and hours.

Sadly, Ajax went to the Bridge earlier this year.

Beautiful black kitties Jade and Ajax

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Harry and Megs need a furrever home

Oscar has posted about some other very nice Australian poodins (Harry and Megs) from Melbourne who are in need of a furrever home. Visit Oscar's site for pictures and information.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

There are nice things and bad things about this story

Jasmine showed me this story she found on CuteOverload. The nice (but strange!) thing is that the caring poodin decided to adopt the baby woofies when their mother abandoned them. The obvious bad thing is that neither the poodin nor the woofy had been spayed, and that the bean did not seem to have any intention of doing so. I'm guessing this means that the baby woofies will not be spayed either. :( It makes Jasmine and I very sad and frustrated when beans don't do the responsible thing and spay their furchildren!


Monday, October 02, 2006

How Mr Crumples found his furrever home

Canberra BKNow that Mr Crumples is safely in his new furrever home, I wanted to tell you about the chain of beans and poodins who were involved: Jasmine's friend's brother's workmate (Ms K), Jasmine's friend's brother (Mr J), Jasmine's friend (Ms C), Jasmine, Me (BK!), Grr, Cocoa and Midnight, Oscar, Oscar's mum (Ms L), Oscar's mum's workmate (Mr P), Oscar's mum's friend (another Ms K) and a nice lady from the Cat Adoption Team in Canberra.

Mr CrumplesAnd here's the whole story up till now...

First there was Jasmine's friend's brother's workmate (Ms K) who had been temporarily looking after Mr Crumples when his mean beans moved out and left him behind. Ms K fed and wormed Mr Crumples, and gave him some pats and brushes when she could, but she was not able to give Mr Crumples the attention he needed because she was already looking after two other poodins, including the poor-under-nourished-three-legged-abandoned brother of Mr Crumples! (now well nourished after moving in with Ms K)

Mr Crumples in the leavesMs K then posted a message about Mr Crumples at her work. This message was seen by Jasmine's friend's brother (Mr J), who forwarded it to Jasmine's friend (Ms C). Ms C's family are good animal people and have adopted lots and lots of poodins and woofies over the years. Ms C currently has 2 poodins (Tycho and Miro) and 2 woofies and wasn't able to take Mr Crumples, so she forwarded the message to Jasmine and asked if she would post it online.

Jasmine has her own blog, but the poodin people mostly just read my blog, so Jasmine asked me to post Mr Crumple's story. Obviously I was more than happy to help a poodin in need.

Grr, Cocoa and Midnight from California saw the post and miaowed at Oscar in Melbourne. Oscar told his mum about it, and she told the story to her friends at work.

Mr Crumples goes for a walkOne of Oscar's mum's workmates (Mr P) said there was a kitty shaped hole in his life and he would love to adopt Mr Crumples. Only problem was that Mr Crumples was in Canberra, which is about an 8 hr drive from Melbourne where Mr P was!

Oscar's mum contacted a friend who was travelling from Canberra to Melbourne shortly and asked if she could help (which she was happy to do). Jasmine was also contacted by a nice bean from the Cat Adoption Team in Canberra who offered to help get Mr Crumples to Melbourne if Oscar's mum's friend wasn't able to.

Fluffy Mr CrumplesNext thing to be sorted was getting a cat carrier to house Mr Crumples for the journey. This was very simply sorted out by Ms C who offered to donate hers! Ms C's poodins didn't mind because it means they are going to get brand new carriers for themselves!

Great big purrs and headbutts to all the beans and poodins who've helped get Mr Crumples to his new furrever home!

BTW, also wanted to point out that this chain includes poodins/beans from all over the world - Canberra, Melbourne, London and California! What an international team of helpers! :)


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mr Crumples arrives in Melbourne

Mr Crumples arrives in MelbourneMr Crumples arrived in Melbourne on Friday. Oscar's mum's nice beanfriend safely delivered him to his new beandad.

His new beandad took him straight home to let him stretch his furry legs and introduce him to his new furrever home!

At the beginning of his long journey to Melborne, Mr Crumples was not so happy to be put in the cat carrier (understandable!), but settled down and was pretty quiet the whole trip.

Oscar's mum sent me this picture of Mr Crumples arriving in Melbourne. He's looking a bit tired after such a long trip, but he's still very fluffy handsome!

Oscar has been posting updates on his site too, and Mr Crumples beandad has promised to send us more photos later when his new furboy has settled into his new furrever home.