Friday, January 12, 2007

Molly urgently needs a furrever home

Molly needs a homeKC just emailed us a very sad story about a sweet fluffy tuxie called Molly who desperately needs a furrever home. She is going to be sent to The Bridge if a home can't be found. Here is her story.

"Hi, my name is Molly. I am a sweet, loving, kitty cat that desperately needs someone with a place in their home and a place in their heart for me.

Several months ago, me and my sister, Maybelle lost our forever Mom very suddenly. She told us one day that she had to go to her people vet for a check up, but then Mom never came home. We found out later that Mom had passed away. Strangers came to feed us for a few days before a rescuer came and moved us to a foster home. We knew our foster mom may not be able to take us forever because she has lots of furry footed children that she takes care of every day. But she loved us and took good care of us and gave us a warm, dry, safe place to stay for a time.

Then, one day, we found out we were going to another foster home. When we got there, we found out it wasn't a good place for us. But our first foster Mom didn't know this. There were too many cats and what's more is, it wasn't clean. There were no clean places to sleep, no clean litter boxes where a girl could have a little privacy, and my sister and I got very depressed.

My sister was older than me and more fragile than me. One night, the very first cold night there was, my sister passed away. It was too much for her. Then, our second foster mom went away. She, too, went away to her people vet and didn't come back. I was lost. I didn't know the other cats I was with, there was no water, no electricity, and very little food, and I was alone and frightened without my sister. I began to lose weight. My pretty, long fur got matted, my eyes stung from the fumes of the filth in the place we were all cramped in to, and my eyes turned red and began to weep every day. I was getting sick and I thought I was going to die just like my sister.

Then, my first foster mom came back one day with another rescuer and they took all of us away. My first foster mom cried over me and said she was so sorry, and that she didn't know things would turn out the way they did. She said she wouldn't have left me there if she had known. I am now getting better, I'm gaining a little weight and little by little she is helping me get the mats out of my fur and helping me to feel like my old self. I have a clean litter box, clean water, and a clean, warm place to sleep.

However, I still need a permanent home. As much as my foster mom wishes she had a place for me, I understand she already has lots of commitments to others just like me. I know it pains her that I've had to go through so much. I know she hurts over the loss of my sister just like I do. She knows it's going to be hard for me to find a home because I'm not a kitten anymore, and very few people want to give grown up cats homes. Everyone wants a little cute kitten to cuddle.

I sure do wish I could have a permanent home. I sure do wish I could curl up in someone's warm lap and purr for them like I used to with my forever mom. I wish someone wanted me. I wish I could be loved again like I used to be. I wonder every day if there is anyone out there that would want to take me. I promise I am a good girl, and I have lots more love and happiness to give.

Won't someone give me a chance? Won't someone give me hope?

Thank you for listening,

Sincerely, Molly"

Molly is about 10 years old and weighs 5.7 lbs. She is negative on feline AIDS and leukemia, and has had her shots. Molly is spayed and gets along fine with dogs. She seems to be ok with other cats so far. Copies of her vet records can be provided. She is currently in Gastonia, just over the Meck County line, not far from Charlotte. Transportation can be arranged.

If you can help Molly, please contact Renee at dinidog AT bellsouth DOT net.

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At Friday, January 12, 2007 1:13:00 am, Blogger KC miaowed...

o, that is so sweet of you. 'n cause of all the attenshun Molly is gettin from us cats, she haf been resqued.

She won't be put ta sleep tomorry. it's all us cats, spreeding tha word around.

Now they's lookin fur her a furrever home and she's already got a couple of possibles.

we's a force to be reckoned wif, aren't we. fanks so much fur spreading the word.


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