Friday, September 22, 2006

Mr Big: update

Thought I'd better give everyone an update on Mr Big.

Firstly, thanks to everyone for their concern, comments, questions and suggestions about Mr Big. What a lovely group of poodins and beans you are!

Upon hearing Mr Big's story, a friend of Oscar's mum said "there is a kitty shaped hole in my life right now". Isn't that so sweet? Oscar's mum says that he is a gentle person who loves poodins, so he sounds perfect.

I've put Oscar's mum in touch with my friend who'd forwarded me Mr Big's story, who put her in touch with the lady looking after Mr Big. BTW, I later discovered that Mr Big's temporary carer is actually someone from my friend's brother's work, not my friends work - what a good network of poodin people! :)

One complication here is that Oscar's mum's friend is in Melbourne and Mr Big is in Canberra. These two cities are about 8 hours drive apart!

Will keep you posted on Mr Big's story...


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