Saturday, March 31, 2007

Introducing Bear

BKJasmine made a new furry friend last week. His name is Bear and he lives with one of Jasmine's workmates. He's big, black and floofy, and he reminds me of our Catifornian poodin friends Grr, Midnight and Cocoa.

Bear is furry friendly. His people told Jasmine that even 'non-cat people' (yes, they do exist!) are won over by Bear pretty quickly because he's so lovely and so friendly.


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At Sunday, April 01, 2007 1:53:00 am, Blogger Lux miaowed...

Bear is very floofy, indeed, and and one nice-looking cat.

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 3:25:00 am, Blogger Daisy miaowed...

Ahhh, Bear is very handsome. He does remind me of Grr, Midnight and Cocoa too!

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 4:30:00 am, Blogger Kim and Oscar miaowed...

HI BEAR! First, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm Oscar and I'm a new blogger.

I like your name and you keep good company! You look like a house panther! Are you sure you're not related to Grr and her brother and sister? I'm adding you to my blog list because I like you.

At Sunday, April 01, 2007 1:21:00 pm, Blogger Parker miaowed...

What a good-lookin' kitty! Very huggable - Mom would give him a "bear-hug" HaHa!

At Monday, April 02, 2007 4:59:00 am, Blogger Rascal miaowed...

Excellent Cat. Maybe he's related to Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa.

At Monday, April 02, 2007 5:33:00 pm, Blogger Name: Mr. Hendrix miaowed...

Hi BK! We love meeting your friends, they all sound like great furries. He is a very handsome panther kitty. Nice and floofy. I have trouble believing there are people who aren't "cat people," but mommy says they're out there. Weird.
Nice to see you BK!

At Monday, April 02, 2007 6:55:00 pm, Blogger The Meezers miaowed...

Hi Bear!!

At Tuesday, April 10, 2007 5:29:00 pm, Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa miaowed...

ooooh - gorgeous!!! he looks like a boy version of me, and lots like Turtle too!


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