Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Any bean or poodin want to learn the Rubik's Cube?

Spinning Rubik's CubeBKI mentioned Jasmine's cube hobby the other day. A couple of you commented that your beans used to play with cubes too, or that your beans thought they wouldn't be able to solve the cube.

Jasmine wanted me to post a link to her Beginner Solution to the Rubik's Cube in case anybean or poodin wants to learn. Jasmine has taught lots of people, and she says learning to solve the cube is much easier than it looks.

I think this is really more of a bean thing than a poodin thing. Opposable thumbs are furry important for cube solving. Jasmine tried to solve it once without using her thumbs, just to see if she could do it. She could, but she said it was much slower and more difficult, and wasn't much fun. She does, however, sometimes enjoy solving it with one hand. She said one-handed solving is easier than two hands but no thumbs, and that both of these things are harder than solving it with two hands including thumbs. Not sure why anyone would want to do this, but she seems to enjoy it.


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My Foster Mommy couldn't efen understand the furst paragraph.



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