Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oscar can predict death

Have you heard about Oscar, the kitty who can predict death? He's been in the news all over the world today, and also in the New England Journal of Medicine. Here are more pictures of lovely Oscar.

The obvious next question is how long does it take a kitty like Oscar to become a Cheezcat? Not very long at all...


Friday, July 13, 2007

Introducing Chloe

One of Jasmine's friends adopted an adorable baby poodin called Chloe. Here she is with her littermates. Chloe is the one in the middle. Jasmine said Chloe reminds her of a baby Cheezcat!

Little Chloe


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Introducing Miro's sisfur, Tiffany

Here is Little Tiffany, Miro's sisfur. Isn't she such a sweetie?

Little TiffanyHi Poodins. I'm Tiffany. Furry nice to meet you.

Little TiffanyThis is me with my brofur, Miro. He's helping me wash my furs. He is furry good to me, I love him furry much.

Little TiffanyI love to play with the tinkly ball on a string.

Little TiffanyIt makes funny noises when a catch it!

Little TiffanySometimes the tinkly ball gets tired, so I let it have a rest.

Little TiffanyHey, you with the clicky flashy box. What are doing?

Little TiffanyFurry nice meeting you all. Thanks for visiting.
Miro says come back anytime.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007


BKAbout a year about I introduced you to Little Miro who lives with Jasmine's friend. Miro was an adorable little furbaby, and now he's grown up into a furry handsome mancat.

Miro doesn't have his own blog, but I think he wants one because he keeps sitting on his bean's computer.

Little Miro
Miro enjoys all the usual poodin activities, such as snoopervising his bean...

Little Miro
... snoozing...

Little Miro
... snoozing in a slightly different position...

Little Miro
... and hanging with his sisfur, Tiffany (more about lovely Tiffany later).

Little Miro and Little Tiffany