Monday, June 12, 2006

New purple kitty toy

Canberra BKTwo Sundays ago, Jasmine and Peter went to the seaside town of Brighton. When walking along the waterfront, Jasmine saw a person selling kitty toys. They weren't actually being sold as kitty toys, but as soon as Jasmine saw them she knew that any kitty would love to play with them because they had dangly fluffy bits to wave around! Obviously, Jasmine bought one.

When Jasmine got back, Pretty Kitty was hanging out in the stairwell, so she asked Pretty Kitty if she'd like to test it out. Pretty Kitty said it was fun. London BK had a go too (and also approved) but Jasmine didn't get the camera out in time to take a photo. Maybe London BK will play with it again later and post something here about it.

When I teleport over from Canberra to visit Jasmine in London I will play with it too.


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At Sunday, June 11, 2006 11:57:00 pm, Blogger Derby miaowed...

Hmmm, mum wented to Brighton a few years ago. She didn't bring me home anything. Wait, that was before she gotted me. No she should have anticipated that she would get me. Yes, she just didn't plan ahead.


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