Monday, April 09, 2012

Thinking about resurrecting my blog

AshleyPurr purr purr. I'm thinking about resurrecting my blog.

I've been sick recently. Loss of appetite. Barfing all over the place. Sudden weight loss. Several visits to the vet. However, I'm feeling much better now. I've been feeling even better this weekend. I've totally got my appetite back, and I've been nom-nom-nomming my foods without barfing at all! The vet called back the other day and said that my bloods passed their tests with flying colours. My bloods must be furry smart because they are part of ME and I'm furry smart!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nice kitty is looking after a baby panda

A nice kitty in The Netherlands is looking after an abandoned red panda cub. What a nice kitty!

=^..^= Ashley

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

First trip outside

AshleyI had my first visit to The Outside today! I don't mean the bad bit of The Outside which involves being shoved into the PTU and taken to the vet, I mean the good bit where you get to smell the outside smells and you're not in the PTU!

Jasmine got me a nice harness when I first came to live with her last year, but as I was quite sick for a long time, she didn't let me go to The Outside other than to see the vet. I was furry small when I first met Jasmine, so she had bought a furry small harness. When she pulled it out tonight, she was worried that it wasn't going to fit anymore because, well, um, there's a little more of me to love now.

Jasmine adjusted all the straps and we gave it a go. It *just* fits now. I'm glad it fits because it's furry pretty. The harness looks like black velveteen, which is nice because it's sophisticated, but also comfortable. The black velveteen is highlighted with a furry pretty silver sparkly stripe. Furry stylish, and it goes well with my grey furs.

BTW, when I say this is my first trip to The Outside, I actually mean my first trip since the start of my new life, which is since I was rescued by the SPCA and nursed back to health by Jasmine. You can read about my story here and here.

We didn't go furry far at all. In fact, we only went onto the balcony. I have been furry curious about the balcony since Jasmine and Peter started using it recently (now that the weather is nice). I mostly just sat underneath Jasmine's chair and rolled around on my back. I like to roll around on my back when the weather is warm.

=^..^= Ashley

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chomping the Cookie

AshleyLast year I introduced you to my friend Mr Cookie. He is a good friend, but sometimes I just can't resist chomping him. In fact, I have this reaction to many things.

I wonder if this is why Jasmine sometimes calls me Little Miss Chompy?

Ashley and Mr Cookie

Ashley and Mr Cookie
=^..^= Ashley

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Claw trimming

AshleyJasmine and Peter clipped my claws the other day. I was not furry happy about this. I know they only clipped the very end pointy bit, but I'm still not furry happy about it.

=^..^= Ashley

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Beans should never go away

AshleyMy beans went away for a few days. One of their friends came over to give me foods and water and pats. He likes poodins and he was nice to me, but it's nice to have my beans back. I miaowed and miaowed at them the second they walked in the door. I was telling them I'd prefer it if they never went away!

In other news, I've been thinking for a while that I should update my profile picture. The one I've been using is from the first day I came to be fostered by Jasmine. That was a while ago and I've grown up a bit since then.

=^..^= Ashley

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