Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Introducing Tiggy

Canberra BKHere's Jasmine with Tiggy. Tiggy is quite a senior kitty, like Gramma Trixie from the MeezerTails and Brendan from Caturday.

We're not sure how old Tiggy is because she was a stray, and so we don't know when she was born. Her story is that a long, long time ago, a cute little tabby used to visit Jasmine's family's yard. As Jasmine loved all cats, she used to say hello to this kitty, give her pats and occasionally a little snack. After a while it became apparent that the little grey tabby had been abandoned by a mean person, and what's worse, she'd never been 'fixed' and was now pregnant! Poor little girl!

Jasmine's family adopted this little grey stray and Jasmine named her Tigger after Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. When the time came for Tiggy to have her babies, the vet helped her and then later gave her an operation so there wouldn't be any more kittens.

Jasmine and Tiggy
Tiggy doesn't even have an official Gotcha Day because she used to visit on-and-off for a while before Jasmine realised she didn't have a furrever home of her own.

Mostly Tigger gets called 'Tiggy' now, or 'Angel', or a bunch of other cutesy names. Sometimes Jasmine used to call her "Little Myip Yip" because Tiggy's miaow's sounded more like "myip yip m'gah" than "miaow".

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

JP the Lion and Eric the Woofy come to visit

Some of Jasmine's bean friends came to visit us the other day. They brought along two of their fluffies too. Here's a picture of us all together.

London BK, JP the Lion, Eric the Woofy, Snoozy Kitty, Little BearLondon BK, JP the Lion, Eric the Woofy, Snoozy Kitty, Little Bear

Jasmine's friends are going to be travelling for a bit, so Eric and JP are going to live with us for a little while! Yay! :)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Introducing Snoozy Kitty

Snoozy Kitty is another one of our furry friends in London. Snoozy is unlikely to be writing too many posts here as all she really does is Snooze. She may occasionally make an appearance though.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

London BK's note

Jasmine at the airportCanberra BKLondon BK here. Canberra BK had been in touch with me to let me know that Jasmine had gotten to the airport okay and would be back in London shortly. I was looking forward to seeing Jasmine again, even though I knew this meant Canberra BK wouldn't bee seeing her for a while, which would make Canberra BK sad. :( Here's Jasmine at the airport.

I greeted Jasmine in London with this note. I know she was happy to see me because a huge smile appeared on her face when she saw me sitting there.

London BK with note for Jasmine: Hello Little Jasmine. My friend Gowrie BK told me to wait here for your cuddles. London BK.
In case you can't see the text of this note, it says "Hello Little Jasmine. My friend Gowrie BK told me to wait here for your cuddles. London BK." (BTW, Gowrie is a part of Canberra)


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Purrs and headbutts to Edsel's mum

Canberra BKEdsel's mum is not very well and he's furry, furry worried about her. So are all us poodins. We really, really hope that she's going to be okay and will be sending extra big purrs and headbutts over to her. Well, maybe just extra big purrs, and very gentle headbutts, because her head might be a little sore after the neurosurgeon has finished 'specting it.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Tiny little baby tigers

How adorably tiny are these baby tigers?? They were born recently at a Siberian Tiger Park in China. They look so helpless - good thing the mummy tiger looks so big and strong!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Actually, I think I'll stay here

Miaow. Canberra BK here.

Zeus left a comment on my last post and asked if I ended up accompanying Jasmine on her trip. Unfortunately, no, I didn't. She said she was travelling too far and that I needed to stay in Canberra with my official beans. As I mentioned the other day, Jasmine isn't officially one of my beans, I just consider her to be one of my beans because I visit her so much and she is so nice to me.

Anyway, I asked Jasmine 'how far is too far?' She showed me her itinerary and I saw that she was going all the way to London. I don't know how far away that is, or even where that is. The only thing I know about London is that it's where Fat Eric lives. She told me it was about ~17000kms away (that's ~10563 miles for our 'Mericky furriends). I don't know what a 'kms' is, but that number sounds pretty big! Even Mittens Pollypaws would run out of toes trying to count that high!

Jasmine also told me that the weather in London is much, much colder and greyer than in Canberra. The sun must be really scared in London because apparently it rarely ever comes out! I didn't like the sound of that, especially since I don't have a long floofy coat like Fat Eric. I like the sun, especially when it's warming my fur and making it all pretty and shiny! (BTW, thanks Beau and Angie for noticing this the other day!) The other thing I didn't like the sound of is something called 'quarantine'. I'm not really sure what this is, but apparently it involves kitties having to live in a strange place for a while without their beans. So, I decided to wait in Canberra till Jasmine's next visit back.

BTW, Zeus also said that I was very nice of me to offer to keep Jasmine company. To tell you the truth, part of the reason was because I'm a nice kitty, but an even greater reason was because I was going to miss her awesome scritchies so much!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm coming too!

Canberra BK here again.

As I mentioned yesterday, it was very nice to have Jasmine back for a visit. So nice in fact, that I didn't want her to go. When she started to pack the car to leave, I climbed on top and told her she had to stay. She told me I was adorable and then just opened up the back to put bags in. I climbed in too.

I hid behind Jasmine's suitcase. I decided that if she was going somewhere then I was going too!

Jasmine must have wanted me to come too because I found a comfy blanket behind the suitcase in the car which was perfect for curling up on.

I settled in for the big trip.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Introducing Canberra BK

Hi I'm BK and I live in Canberra, Australia. Sometimes I'm called 'Canberra BK' so as not to be confused with London BK. Jasmine is not officially one of my beans, but she lived near me when she was in Canberra and I visited all the time, so I pretty much consider her to be one of my beans.

I used to receive pats and scritchies and general good lovin' from Jasmine when she lived in Canberra. I really, really miss her furry, furry much because Jasmine's pats are the best pats I've ever had!! I've met a lot of beans, but none of them give such amazing scritchies as Jasmine. One day she's going to give furrever homes to some poodins and, wow, are they going to be lucky poodins!

Recently, Jasmine was back visiting Canberra. No one actually told me when she'd be back, but I always just know. She's been living overseas for a couple years now, and every time she's back, within hours (sometimes minutes!) of her arriving in Canberra, I appear to greet her. I know she really loves this, and finds it amazing that I always just seem to know when she's back. I just tell her that us poodins are super smart, and psychic too!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Introducing London BK

London BKHello, I'm BK, also known as 'London BK' so as not to be confused with the other BK ('Canberra BK'). I was adopted from Toys 'r' Us in Arlington, Virginia in 'Mericky. Jasmine was missing Canberra BK so much that when she saw me, she adopted me immediately! I live with Jasmine in London now, which is why I'm 'London BK'.

Jasmine was away for the past month, so I had the job of guarding the flat. I was assisted in this task by Little Bear. You can't see it in the picture below because of his fuzzy paws, but Little Bear has very sharp claws, even sharper than mine!

Little Bear was adopted from a gift shop in the Shenandoah Mountains in 'Mericky and also moved to England with Jasmine and I.

Oh, BTW, in case you didn't guess, 'BK' stands for 'Black Kitty'.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Because poodins are wonderful

Over the past few months I've discovered the world of feline blogging. A few of my favourites are the Calico Girls, Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce, Buddah, Max the Psychokitty and Fat Eric.

While getting caught up in the feline antics of these furry little guys, I realised that the majority of posts to my main blog in the past few months have been kitty related. Also, thinking about upcoming posts, I realised they were mostly kitty related too.

Even though I curently don't have poodins living with me (which makes me very sad), I do have lots of poodin friends, and there are poodins I meet out and about. I decided that just because I don't live with poodins doesn't mean I can't have an 'all poodin' blog!

My idea is that this blog will include a mixture of poodin-related things including guest blog entries from poodins I visit, pictures of poodins I meet, news articles and websites about poodins. And then one day when poodins come to live with me, I will hand this blog over to them.

BTW, the reason I don't have poodins of my own at the moment is because I've moved countries several times with work in the last two years, and if I had poodins they'd have to spend so much time in quarantine that it just wouldn't be fair. When I settle down somewhere offering furrever homes to some poodins will definitely be a priority!